Sumner Bowling Club (inc)


Events co-ordinator - John Hampton (027 438 5108)

Facility hire email -

Our Club offers a range of services and facilities for those seeking a modern and comfortable venue. We welcome enquiries relating to the hiring of our facilities (please use the email address shown above). Come and check us out at 2 Richmond Hill Road, Sumner.

. Clubrooms licensed to accommodate up to 99 persons.

. A serviced bar.

. Kitchen available. We can recommend caterers.

. Competitive hourly rates.

. Book the club rooms and/or our bowling facilities.

. We can accommodate requests for weddings, funerals, small conferences, business meetings and social events.

Terms and Conditions 

Use of the green

. Groups hiring the Club's green must ensure that players wear flat soled footwear. Sneakers, jandals, sandshoes etc,    are fine, as long as there is no raised heel or sharp exaggerated tread.

. Players must follow the directions of club members assisting the players.

. Groups not hiring the green must not enter the playing sufaces at any time.


. Smoking and vaping are only permitted in the designated areas outside the building.

. Illegal substances are not permitted on the property.


. Where bar facilities are required all supplies (including supplies beyond the normal range carried by the club) shall      be ordered through and dispensed by the club.

. No alcohol purchased elswhere is to be brought onto the premises.

. No alcohol or hot drinks are allowed to be consumed on the playing surface or outside the immediate perimeters of the Club's boundaries.

. Sales incurred at the bar are separate from hire costs but would be included with any invoice generated unless paid prior to invoicing.

. The Club's licence hours for selling liquor are Sunday -  through Saturday (every day) from 8.30am until 10pm.

. The Clubrooms must be vacated by 10.30pm, unless a late licence has been granted, whereby the Clubrooms must    be vacated as stated in the licence. (Note: late licence applications need 6 weeks lead time).

. All non-member groups, who wish to have alcohol served from the bar will require a Special Liquor Licence. These      events need to be booked a minimum of six weeks prior to the event to allow time to secure a Special licence.


. Music and other loud noise from the function shall be controlled so that unreasonable disturbance is not caused to    neighbouring residents, and all other conditions of any special/late licence must be adhered to.


. A charge may apply if the premises and kitchen are left in a condition that requires additional cleaning. Any         decorations or displays which are to be retained must be removed promptly the next day.

Deposits and Payments

. A deposit is required and users will be invoiced for their hire and other costs immediately following the function,     with payment required within seven days. Any deposit paid in advance would be used as part-payment of the final     account.

. EFTPOS is available for payment, if required.

. Sales incurred at the bar are separate from hire costs but would be included with any invoice generated.


. The Club will not be responsible for damage to personal property or motor vehicles of those using the premises.

. Hirers must comply with all OSH and Fire Regulations.


. In the event of an alarm please ring: John Hampton 0274 385 108.

Hiring Fees

Deposit for Clubrooms only                                       $100.00

Deposit for Clubrooms and Green                              $150.00

Facility Hire (per hour)                                             $ 60.00

Facility Hire (per hour) Community group hire             $ 30.00

Facility Hire (per hour) Corprate hire                          $ 70.00

Winter workshop (full day)                                       $300.00

Winter workshop (half day)                                      $200.00

Bar person (per hour)                                              $ 30.00

Cleaning costs (per hour)                                         $ 30.00

Green fees (per person)                                           $ 10.00

Special Liquor Licence (CCC) minimum                      $115.00 

Notes to Hiring fees

. Facility is free for full-paying members (ie playing members)

. Facility Hire for social members is the "Community Hire" rate.

. Green fees cover the use of Club bowls and the playing surface.

. All fees shown are GST included.