Year 1 & 2 Players    Relates to first and second year bowlers.this category relates to both men & women. 

Under 8's                 8 years experience and under, replaces Junior status.

From Bowls Canterbury Admin Guide 2018 - 2019

1 st & 2nd Year & Under 8’s Status:

A 1st & 2nd Year player is a player who has been a fully paid up member of a Club and is in his/her 2nd year or less.

An Under 8’s player is a player that has been a Full Playing Member for less than 8 years on 1st July of the season in which the event is being played.

A year is deemed to have commenced on the 1st of July in any year and to end on the 30th June in the following year (which encompasses 1 year in the bowling calendar).

Interclub Competition From Bowls Canterbury For Under 8's

UNDER 8’S FOURS: Start Date: Saturday 13th October 2018 Finish Date: Saturday 24th November 2018 Playoffs: Saturday 15th December 2018

Format of a side:

Each team will comprise 4 players – 1 x Fours team – any combination of men and women

Competition Format: Teams will be in sections of 8, with the top team from each section qualifying for the playoffs. If there are an uneven number of sections, the next best placed runner-up will qualify for playoffs.

League Rules: Round robin of 7 games – all games to be 18 ends. Games played home and away as per draw.

Bowls: 2 bowls each

Scoring: 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw

Teams finishing level on points in section play will use the following criteria to determine section winner – wins, aggregate (shot differential) and then ends won. If this fails to determine finishing position it will then be who beat who in round robin play.

Divisions: Teams will be graded according to the team members accumulated years as follows:

Division 1 Up to 32 years maximum

Division 2 Up to 24 years maximum

Division 3 Up to 16 years maxim